Most Importend Exhibitions
Gerard van den Oetelaar Curriculum Vitae

2016 Groups Kunstbeurs Noord-Brabant, Lithoijen (NL)
2015 Groups COLORIDA Art Gallery. Lissabon, Portugal.

Groups Galerie Exelmans, Neeroeteren-Maaseik, België.
2014 Groups The Louvre, Paris, France.
2013-2014 Groups Arthuus, Loenen Gelderland (NL)
2013 Groups Annual Dutch Art Fair, Amsterdam (NL)
Groups Johor Bahru Malaysia.
2012 Groups Hilton City Hotel Malmö Sweden
Art Museum Saratov, Russia.
2010 SOLO Galeria Perdana, Langkawi, Malaysia.
2009 Groups Galerie C.G.H.-Hasselt, Belgium.
Galerie C.G.H.-Hasselt, Belgium.

Groups Art Gallery Knokke, Belgium.

Groups Heart Galerie, Oosterwijk, The Netherlands.

SOLO Sarawak Art Museum, Kuching-Sarawak, Borneo Malaysia.
2007 Groups Gemeentehuis Putten, Putten, The Netherlands.
2006 Groups ' THE STADT HUYS ' One big room for permanently exhibition abouth his 40 works.

Groups I.F.A. Galerie, St. Petersburg, Russia.
2005 Groups Windows on Holland, Dutch brushes in Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia.

SOLO permanent Int. Art Gallery-PERZIM (40 Paintings) Melaka, Malaysia.
also in The Museum of International Art Gallery.
SOLO in the Phillips W.C.C. -Evoluon, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

SOLO in the Museum Universiti Sains Malaysia & Gallery of the ABN-Amro Bank, Penang, Malaysia.

SOLO in the History & Etnography Museum, Melaka, Malaysia.
2003 SOLO in The History & Etnography Museum titled; History and the Future, Melaka, Malaysia.

SOLO in Gallery Landmark, Sidney, Australia.
2002 SOLO in The History & Etnography Museum 400 years VOC, Melaka, Malaysia.

in Art Gallery/Popstudio, Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia.

Groups in the Mozes en Aaronkerk, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
2000 Groups in The Museum of Modern Art, Tula, Russia.
SOLO in The State Museum of Art Yaroslovl, on the occasion of the celebration 300 years Peter de Groot, Russia.
1996 SOLO in Gallery Linggar, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Groups in collaboration with The Malevich Foundation at Leolux Art, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
1994 SOLO Gallery A3 Museum of Modern Art Moscow Initiated by The Malevich Foundation.
1993 SOLO Hasselt Art Gallerie, Hasselt, Belgium.
1991 SOLO Galerie De la Terre, Weert, The Netherlands.
Gerard painted a lot of portraits in oil on request.